Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving and make friends!🌎😊🤝


It’s not a familiar event in Japan, but yesterday we held a Thanksgiving event that we called “Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving and make friends!
(Actually, Thanksgiving Day is today.)
In the U.S. and other countries, it is a day of thanks and sacrifice for the harvest and the blessings of the previous year and is a day to celebrate with family and friends.
Many local Japanese people and foreigners who have left their families to live and work in Hachioji participated in the event.
We celebrated Thanksgiving Day with new friends and talked about “What is Thanksgiving Day? Three participants talked about Thanksgiving Day, including the differences between their respective hometowns.😊✨

At the end of the day, the participants were given pies made by Johanna from the International Operations department as gifts.
Next month, the International Office will be hosting a social Christmas party called PORTAL Night”


日本ではあまり馴染みのないイベントですが、昨日店舗で”Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving and make friends!🌎🤝😊”開催しました✨
(本当は今日がThanksgiving Day感謝祭です)



新しい友達と感謝祭をお祝い&「Thanksgiving Dayって何?」というお話も参加者の方3人からそれぞれの出身地での違いも含めて楽しくお話いただきました😊✨


来月は国際事業部主催の「クリスマス PORTAL Night」交流イベント開催予定です‼️

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CDOブログCEOブログGLOBAL KOEIPORTALPマークSDGsSHARE HOUSEインターンシップエコカラットシェアハウスタウンニュースデザイン経営プライバシーポリシープロジェクト開発部ペット相談可リフォーム二重サッシ住宅確保要配慮者個人情報保護方針八王子八王子市楢原町八王子経済新聞国際事業部国際交流イベント外国人留学生太陽光発電システム奮闘記岡本亜美持続可能な街づくり採用募集新築アパート日本工学院八王子専門学校明日も楽しみで”たまんない”〜学生シェアハウスdesign project @暁町〜東京都八王子市生活サポート産学連携プロジェクト眞武洸福祉事業部自己紹介賃貸営業職遊休不動産活用高齢者見守り・駆付けサービス

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